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Why Choose Pi Kapp?

    We Pi Kapps are a fraternity of men, not a “frat” full of boys. To be a Pi Kappa Phi is to be a leader, our commitment to developing leaders dates back more than 100 years to our humble beginning at the College of Charleston where Pi Kappa Phi was founded by men who chose to lead. Today Pi Kappa Phi has given more than 98,000 men the opportunity to become leaders by choice.

If you are interested in becoming a leader on your campus, in your community and throughout your life, Pi Kappa Phi is the fraternity that can help you get there. Through the tenets of CLASS—Character, Leadership, Academics, Sportsmanship and Service—Pi Kappa Phi is committed to the personal development of each of our members.

 Whether you attend a Life 401 workshop facilitated by a Pi Kappa Phi alumnus who is a Fortune 100 Consultant to create your life strategy, or participate in a corporate-level leadership training seminar with Franklin Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People; and whether you cycle from the West Coast to Washington, D.C., raising funds and awareness for people with disabilities, or meet with your chapter’s academic coach to plan your semester, Pi Kappa Phi provides the resources to help you achieve your full potential.

We all face choice everyday. And the choices we make can affect the rest of our lives. Choosing the right fraternity is an important decision—on that will have a profound impact on your days as a student and in your life as a leader.

Will you choose to be a leader?


Why Should I do it now?

        By joining Pi Kappa Phi at Drexel now, you will be part of a once-in-a-liGatefetime opportunity. The Pi Kappa Phi, Alpha Upsilon chapter of Drexel University has just returned to campus and re-gained their national charter after 4 years of absence. To receive a charter from the national fraternity is to receive official recognition as a chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. With the help of our loyal alumni association, the fraternity started over from scratch. Our alumni raised a substantial ammount of capital through donations to secure and renovate the historical chapter house, and set the seeds for the re-colonization of the chapter.

If you join Pi Kappa Phi now, you will be a member of one of the first pledge classes of the new Alpha-Upsilon. You will be part of a group of men dedicated to building this fledgling chapter into something that will be revered not only by all of the organizations within Drexel greek community, but also by the hundreds of other Pi Kappa Phi chapters across the country.

You can have the ability to truly leave your mark on the Drexel campus forever. There are countless leadership opportunities within the chapter, wide open to anyone willing to step up to the plate. As part of a new chapter you will be part of an unbelievable endevour that the vast majority of people will never experience.

Anyone can join a social fraternity, but it takes a true leader—full of passion, ambition and conviction—to help build something truly great that will last for decades to come.

And, Pi Kappa Phi isn’t looking for just anyone—we are looking for the best. We are looking for leaders­—men with integrity and discipline who want more from their college experience.

We all face choice everyday, and the choices we make can affect the rest of our lives. Will you choose to lead?  

Why go Greek?

      I am sure that throughout your lives, you have been exposed to rumors, myths, and stereotypes about Greek life. In reality, Greek life at Drexel is much more than alcohol and wild parties.

To go Greek is to become a part of a historic tradition which has been embarked upon by thousands of students before you. It’s becoming a member of an elite society of students all sharing something that no other student could understand.

The bonds of brotherhood that are created will last a lifetime. As a member of a fraternity you will always know that no matter how hard things get, there is always a loyal group of men guarding your back and pushing you forward. It’s to surround yourself with friends that will be there for the rest of your life; whether it’s on your wedding day or at your funeral.

 The connections you make will be priceless. To join a fraternity is to join a vast network of students and alumni, all of who recognize you as their brother. These men span an endless array of professions and trades across the country and even the globe. All of them can be valuable allies in your current and future success.

The leadership opportunities will aid you in developing yourself and advancing your career. A fraternity is also a business, a business that needs dedicated and skilled students steering it in the right direction. It’s a business that needs writers, financiers, educators, organizers, speakers, artists, builders, athletes, and anyone else that can apply their abilities for practical use.

You will have involvement in the university. Too often people complain about the lack of connection they feel with Drexel and the rest of the student body. Fraternities and sororities are responsible for planning and executing many events around campus. You will have the means of making your college experience what you want it to be.

You will be amongst peers dedicated to scholarship and academics. Greek life does not tolerate failure in this department, and will provide tutors, study groups, workshops or anything it takes to ensure you stay ahead.  Excellence is rewarded, and all organizations hold specific  academic standards which must be maintained.

Greek life is about community service. Greek organizations are committed to volunteerism and fundraising for a great number of philanthropic organizations and the community. You will be in an environment which encourages and facilitates giving something back to those who need it.

You will wear those letters across your chest and know that you are really a part of something.

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