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 How to become a PiKapp at Drexel

If you’re new on campus, or maybe just a stranger of Greek life, the process of joining a fraternity may seem confusing or overwhelming. In reality, finding and joining a fraternity can be a lot of fun, and there will be plenty of people there willing to help you along the way. The first step you are going to take on your journey to becoming Greek is to Rush.


What is Rush?

Rush is the first step in the process of joining a fraternity. Rush is a time when fraternities and sororities open their doors to non-members who are potentially interested in joining. To rush a fraternity at Drexel means coming to a chapter’s designated Rush events, in order to meet the men of the chapter, and also to allow the men to meet you. These events can be something as simple as a meet & greet at the chapter house, or something as crazy as frozen turkey bowling. Free food is almost always present at these events for anyone that comes by. Generally your picture will be taken at the door, and the number of events that you attend will be recorded.

Rushing is not committing. By attending Rush events you are in no way obligated to join or commit to anything exclusively. They are simply designed as a means for you to decide if joining this particular fraternity is right for you. If you decide you are not interested, or are only curious about the fraternity in general, then consider them purely informational and enjoy the free food. In fact, Alpha-Upsilon encourages you to Rush multiple, if not all, fraternities on campus, so that you are absolutely sure Pi Kapp is the one for you.

Even if there are no formal Rush events scheduled, this does not mean that you cannot come by the house, or talk to the brothers if you are interested in learning more about Pi Kappa Phi. The Alpha Upsilon here at Drexel will openly welcome and give information to any student who asks.  You can find listings of our Rush events here on our website. Our events and the events of other fraternities will also likely be listed on Facebook, bulletin boards, and on various handouts around campus.


Who are we looking for?

The Alpha-Upsilon Chapter is looking for men that are leaders who, excel academically, are willing to volunteer in their community, can function in a social environment, and show qualities of a dedicated and hard-working individual. We want respectable and trust-worthy men who seek, and are willing to embrace, lifelong brotherhood from their brethren. When Rushing, if you are truly interested in membership, remember, while you are judging if we are right for you, we are also judging if you are right for us. Make an effort to introduce yourself to as many of the brothers as possible. Show an enthusiasm and an eagerness to get involved and learn more about the activities of the Chapter when talking to them. If you’re good at a sport, talk about it; if you’re an officer in another organization, tell them. Ask questions. Express your concerns. Get phone numbers.  Stop by the house at some point just to hang out with the guys. You can be assured that we will consider all of these gestures when making our decisions.


Who aren’t we lookin for?

Pi Kappa Phi is a fraternity; we are not looking for those who want to join a “frat.” We will not accept those who we feel want to join because they think that fraternity life is all drinking and partying. We do not want lazy people or those who wish to join and then do nothing to be involved in chapter activities. We do not want boys that show disrespect to women or any other type of person.


What is a “Bid”?

To receive a “bid”, is to receive an invitation from the chapter for you to join our fraternity. Following rush, there will be designated nights on which all bids are distributed to the people which the chapter has decided would be good additions to the fraternity. These men are voted upon by the members of the chapter based off of what we have learned about you during rush. At this point, Alpha Upsilon has made a commitment that they want you to join, and it is now up to you to decide whether or not you will accept. You will be given a bid card which you can sign if you desire to accept and continue further into the membership process. If you do not wish to join, you do not have to do anything. These bids are valid for a year, so there is no hurry if you are still not sure and wish to wait to sign.


Associate Membership

Generally one is considered to be “pledging”, after they have accepted their bids and begin the process of becoming a full brother. However, in Pi Kappa Phi there are no pledges, there are Associate Members. After you have signed your bid card, you will be invited to attend a “pre-initiation” ceremony, after which you will be considered an associate of Alpha Upsilon. Over the course of several weeks, you will participate in chapter events and learn about the fraternity, history, rituals, and traditions. You will get to know, in depth, your fellow associates and the active members of the chapter. This is a time to begin establishing the bonds of brotherhood and acclimating yourself to Greek life. After completing your association, and passing all membership criteria, you will be inducted into the chapter as a full brother.  You may drop from the association process at any time if you feel that it is necessary. The chapter can also still decide to drop an associate during this time due to grades, disciplinary issues, or for other circumstances.




Q: If I can’t attend all of the Rush events can I still get a bid?

A: Yes, while attending as many events as possible will, reflect your commitment, allow you to meet more guys, and increase your chances that you will get a bid, making a strong impression at the events which you do attend is more important than the number of events.


Q: If I attend all of a chapter’s Rush events am I guaranteed to receive a bid?

A: No Rushee is guaranteed a bid to the chapter. If we feel that a person does not meet the criteria stated earlier, he will not receive a bid.


Q: Are grades a factor?

A: Absolutely. The chapter as a whole and all members must maintain a minimum GPA average at all times. Alpha-Upsilon strives to go above and beyond these minimums. If we feel that your grades are not up to par, you will most likely not get a bid. However, if still interested, you may Rush again at a latter date if you can improve your grades.             While an active brother in the chapter you will still be expected to maintain your grades. If you slip below the required average, disciplinary action will result which may include social probation, fines, or eventually ejection from the fraternity.  


Q: What are my financial obligations to the chapter?

A:  Fraternities are by no means free, so make sure you have a means of procuring the funds necessary to sustain your membership before joining. Your first financial obligation, should you choose to accept your bid, will be an $80 pre-initiation fee which covers the materials you will receive during pre-I. Active brothers pay dues each term. Dues include expenses for member insurance, national dues, chapter functions, and any other expense which is to be paid by the chapter. The specific amount which will be due each term is variable and is determined by a committee. As a rough figure onlyExpect individual dues to be between $150 and $400 per term. Dues can go up and down depending on the amount and type of chapter activity, the number of active brothers, fundraising efforts, and other factors which may arise.


Q: When/How can I live in the house?

A: Living in the chapter house is the exclusive privilege of chapter members. In accordance with University policy, no Freshman students may live in the house. You may apply online to live in the house through the Drexel housing application for your sophomore year, or any following years. Billing and collection of rent is handled through the University Billing system, so that if you choose to register to live in the house, the billing will show up on your Drexel invoice. Living in the house is highly recommended, not only for the social benefits, but also for the affordability against other university housing options.

Q: Do you guys drink and party?

A:   Alpha Upsilon makes every effort to ensure that all state, national, and municipal laws are being followed, as well as University policy. It is illegal for anybody under the age of 21 to distribute or consume alcohol on campus or in the state of Pennsylvania. Students of legal age are permitted to hold and consume alcohol so long as they follow university alcohol policy, which includes not distributing to underage students. All chapter events and socials, whether alcohol will be present or not, are required to be registered with the university for approval. University safety officers will be posted at the entrance of social events to make sure all regulations are being enforced and IDs are being checked. Refer to the Drexel university website for more information on university and Greek life alcohol policies. That being said, if you are looking for the fraternity from Animal House, look elsewhere.


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