Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Upsilon Chapter :: Drexel University Thu, 21 Apr 2016 22:56:56 +0000 en hourly 1 Rush Spring 2016 Wed, 17 Feb 2016 19:36:45 +0000 If you are interested in rushing Pi Kappa Phi, come out to our rush events:

  • Monday, February 15: Brolympics (7-9pm)

  • Wednesday, February 17: Pillars of Pi Kapp (7-9:30pm)

  • Tuesday, February 23: Speed Dating (7-9pm)

  • Thursday, February 25: PKP BBQ (7-9pm)

  • Saturday, February 27: Preference Night @ Baby Blue’s BBQ (6-8pm)

* All rush events will be held at 3405 Powelton Avenue except for Preference


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Rush Fall 2015 Tue, 15 Sep 2015 12:00:57 +0000 If you are interested in rushing Pi Kappa Phi, come out to our rush events:

  • Monday, September 28: Monday Night Football (8-10pm)

  • Wednesday, September 30: Pillars of Pi Kapp (8-10pm)

  • Saturday, October 3: PKP BBQ (12-2pm)

  • Tuesday, October 6: Speed-Dating (8-10pm)

  • Thursday, October 8: Preference Night @ Baby Blue’s BBQ (7-9pm)


* All rush events will be held at 3405 Powelton Avenue except for Preference

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IFC Rough Touch Back-to-Back Champions Tue, 25 Aug 2015 15:29:19 +0000 The IFC Rough Touch Championship is undoubtedly the most hyped up game of all IFC sports. For a school without a football team this is like the national championship. The front-runners this year were of course yours truly; the intense competitors of Pike, and Phi Psi who came out of nowhere and shocked the world. Captain Cameron Goodell, a fierce linebacker and brick wall on the offensive line, led Pi Kapp into the championship round. After filling in last year for injured Steve Curtis, Pat Battaglia was seeking his second championship win. There was some controversy about who would play quarterback with transfer Tyler Butler appearing on the scene with a cannon for an arm. However, the team figured that if it’s not broke then don’t fix it. We trusted Pat to lead us to another championship. Throughout the season, Pi Kapp experienced a lot of ups and downs with losing an embarrassing game to Lambda Chi. The talk of frat land was that Pi Kapp just was not as strong as years before. Alpha Upsilon knew we had to battle back and prove the doubters wrong.

Pulling up to Fairmount Park, Pi Kapp came to watch the game of Pike vs Phi Psi who we would play the winner of in the championship as long as we could take care of Theta Chi. We wanted to see if the hype was real about Phi Psi. We quickly learned that the frat that used North Hall for their chapter meetings had Gronk’s twin brother catching touchdowns and getting to the quarterback on defense. Although we wanted to play Pike in the championship for all of the hype, we just could not help but cheer with Phi Psi. Pike quickly lost their cool and began shouting at fans when they should have been focusing running the plays they had been practicing all year. You heard it right…they practice! I happen to know a lot of dirt on Pike and that day my trash talk reached its climax. They couldn’t handle it and broke down before our eyes.

Now we needed to focus on winning the next game against the nice guys of Theta Chi. We were nervous and shaking in our cleats for the game that could send us to the championship. Then we remembered that athletics was not a strong suit of Theta Chi and took them down easily. I am not joking when I say I had the easiest touchdown of my life in that game. I think one kid said “aww what’s the point just score.” Theta Chi did not even get on the board and after the game ended we had twenty minutes before the championship against Phi Psi.

We matched up well with the green and gray frat. Our defense comprised of myself, Matt Franzen, Jeffrey Kirk, Joey Tighe and Tyler Butler at safety, which was a secondary to be reckoned with. Cam made a huge hit on the first series and had to be brought back to earth by the team to avoid getting kicked out. Pete Schutte and Matt Fleming held the D line together and combined for a lot of sacks. On the offensive side, the receiver rotation consisted of myself, Matt Franzen, Jeffrey Kirk, Nick Paoletti, and freshman Owen Macadoo. Owen made one of the greatest catches I myself have even seen in IFC rough touch earning him the nickname “Macatron”. Jerry McCoy filled in for usual kicker, Danny Brashear, and he did an impressive job kicking bombs when no one really knew he had it in him. After a hard fought game, Pi Kapp came out on top and we were champions once again.

Both teams from the last two years have been comprised of players that I would take into any battle. They were all leaders in their own way and showed an incredible amount of tenacity and dedication. We look to three-peat next year and know we have a huge target on our backs. We will have a lot of senior leadership next year so the future only looks brighter.



Christopher “CRocco Island” Rocco

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Phillies Red Goes Green Event with Delta Zeta Tue, 25 Aug 2015 15:24:16 +0000 By volunteering for a community service event, Phillies Red Goes Green, was a chance to give back to our community, build relationships within Greek Life, and watch a poor Phillies team beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 5-0. This event highlights one of the many benefits of living in the city of Philadelphia. In using public transportation, we were able to bring over 20 brothers of Pi Kappa Phi and 20 sisters of Delta Zeta to Citizens Bank Park where we helped fans recycle their trash.  While working during a 1:00 baseball game, we walked throughout the isles in between innings and collected trash. The Alpha Upsilon chapter was thankful for this opportunity to make a difference in our community while being able to enjoy ourselves at a baseball game. We look forward to going again and helping better our community one event at a time.



Parker Spiro

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David Sanchez wins CAA Diver of the Year Mon, 13 Apr 2015 00:29:16 +0000

Credit: @Av432Valladares

Alpha Upsilon’s own David Sanchez was selected as the Colonial Athletic Association Men’s Diver of the Year. For the second time in his career, David was chosen as the Most Outstanding Diver of the Year, which he won as a freshman in 2013. At the 2015 CAA Diving Championships in February, David scored 373.35 in the 3-meter competition, winning first place. He also recorded a second-place score of 324.10 in the 1-meter competition, just 2.2 points off from first. David is a Junior at Drexel, studies Business and Engineering, and is currently our chapter secretary.

We decided to do a short Q&A with David to see how he is able to juggle his studies, being a Division I athlete, and being a dedicated member of Pi Kappa Phi all at the same time.


Q&A with David “Diving” Sanchez

Q: What got you started in diving?

A: When my family was living in Florida back in 2006, the High School I was districted for had a free after school swimming and diving program that my mom put my brothers and me in. After the program was over, I really liked the diving part of the program so m mom put me in the local diving club and I have been doing it ever since.


Q: Who is your biggest diving inspiration?

A: My favorite diver is David Boudia because he was the first American diver since 1984 to win a gold medal at the Olympics.


Q: Did you learn anything in Pi Kapp that has transcended into the pool grounds?

A: Pi Kapp has allowed me to become a leader and deciding to further my efforts to win this award.


Q: What does this award mean to you?

A: This award means a lot to me because I put a lot of hard work into learning a completely new list of dives on 1 and 3 meter for his past season. Also, it’s great for our program to get recognition in our conference.


Q: Do you dedicate this award to anyone?

A: I would like to thank both my parents for all the physical and financial things they did for me for the past 7 years.


Q: How do you manage to balance academics with athletics and still have time for a social life?

A: Balancing academics with athletics while being apart of Pi Kappa Phi is hard sometimes. It’s a lot of time management and making the most of time to hangout with people in Pi Kapp when I’m free.


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Pi Kapp wins Men’s Tennis Wed, 13 Aug 2014 05:51:24 +0000
This summer Dave Santarelli and Skyler Davis got the chance to showcase their skills, and represent our Alpha Upsilon chapter in the Drexel University IFC Intramural Tennis League. Going into the season both players had prior success in organized tennis. Dave was a former varsity captain at Fordham Prep, and Skyler was captain of Drexel’s division one program. Although some matches were easier than others the pair was truly tested against AEPi early in the semi finals. Santarelli said, “They handled us the first three games.” After getting off to a slow start the duo recollected themselves and powered through the rest of the match winning 6-3. When Dave and Skyler entered the finals against undefeated Sig Ep they had a strong sense of momentum. With comradery at an all time high they defeated Sig Ep 6-2 to wrap up the season.
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